Amplifier Polarisation: study of a common emitter amplifier

Short description:

The purpose of this course, composed of one lesson, is to study electronic amplifier. The associated pedagogical simulation describes the behavior of a simple analog function (i.e. a common-emitter amplifier).

This simulation tool is to be used as a complement for traditional courses. When the learner modifies a value (either of a resistance or of the amplitude of a signal), the pedagogical simulator displays in the graphic area, the DC and AC load lines, the bias point and the transient input and output signals. All these results are displayed in the bipolar transistor characteristics network. Therefore, the learner can better understand the effect on the circuit of his/her chosen set of component values. If any problem arises,  the textual area assists the learner by confirming these results with equations and their relationships.

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  1. Amplifier Polarisation