Code  NPROT10
Discipline NPROT = Network Protocol
Topic TCP and UDP
Part of courses Networks and Protocols
Contents Study of some TCP and UDP behaviours with Network Simulator.
Tranfert plan of an IP network with notions of traffic multiplexing in a network (links, nodes, queues) . Study, through a complex simulator, of  transport protocols (UDP, TCP)  and basic operations associated. Illustration of concepts of reliability and availabilty.
Learning time 3 hours
Keywords Networks, TCP, UDP, IP, FTP, reliability and availability.


Target group lM.Sc. level
Prerequired Knowledge in TCP/IP networks acquired in a theoretical course


Property rights Jean-Marie Gilliot and Annie Gravey
SW tools requirments JDK 1.4.2 or later, Internet Explorer 6
HW requirements PC and an Internet access


Ownership ENST Bretagne
Supervisor Jean Marie Gilliot, Annie Gravey
Producers Gaëtan Bzodek, Annie Gravey, Jean Marie Gilliot and Manel Fredj
Source code availibility YES, under GPL


Contact for tech aspects jm.gilliot*at*
Contact for expert help annie.gravey*at*, jm.gilliot*at*
Remarks   The simulator needs a connection to a server

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