Medium Access Control Protocols

Short description

This course enables to quickly acquire knowledge of the selected medium access protocols used in the wireless networks. Our student should have basic knowledge concerning communication systems and networks. Any undergraduate introductory course in communication systems or networks should precede studying the described protocols. Particular lessons in our course contain theoretical introduction to the subject and experimental part that is realized by the Java applets.

Student can switch between the subject description and computer experiment whenever he wants. Our student should have a PC with operating system Windows 2000 (or newer), Internet Explorer 6.0 (or newer) and virtual Java machine (Java(TM)Plug-in) Ver. 1.4.1 (or newer).


  1. Introduction
  2. Fixed-Assignment Channel Access Methods
  3. Aloha
  4. Aloha - exercises
  5. Carrier Sense Multiple Access
  6. Reservation protocols
  7. IEEE 802.11 part 1 - DCF
  8. IEEE 802.11 part 2 - PCF
  9. MAC protocol in HIPERLAN 2
  • Literature