"ATM Networks"

Short description

The course offers fundamental knowledge about ATM technology, its potentials and deployment strategies. It is focused on the principles of operation, architecture, benefits provided by ATM networks, traffic control strategies and future directions for ATM technology. The range of coverage spans from ATM technology concepts, up to MPOA and MPLS.

The main objectives is to provide telecommunication professionals with a compressive view of ATM technology so that they can make a more informed evaluation of the technology in developing their ATM deployment strategies. The course can also be used by engineering students, systems designers, hardware and software engineers, R&D managers and market planners, and the like.

The user is expected to have only basic knowledge about computer networks and protocols, and should understand the functions of routers and switches.

Requirements: web browser (IE/Netscape 5.0 or higher) + Flash 5 plug-in.


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