Links models in multi-service networks

Short description

The main objective of the tutorial is to give students general knowledge about the multi-rate models of links in integrated services digital networks. It covers calculation and simulation models of the following systems carrying a mixture of different multi-rate traffic streams:

  • separated transmission link (full-availability group),
  • group of transmission links (limited-availability group),
  • separated transmission link with reservation (full-availability group with reservation),
  • group of transmission links with reservation (limited-availability group with reservation).

With the help of interactive demonstrations students will learn the essential elements of multi-service network analysis and design. Students will size the link capacity and will observe the dependence between the blocking probability and the multi-rate traffic pattern offered to the system. During demonstration students can both view the results of the calculations and the results of the simulations of the considered systems.


  1. Multi-rate models
  2. Full-availability group
  3. Full-availability group with reservation
  4. Limited-availability group
  5. Limited-availability group with reservation
  • Bibliography.