" Fundamentals of Optical Fiber Technology and Systems "

Short Description

Propagation of light in optical waveguides. Transmission characteristics of optical fibers: attenuation, modal, chromatic and polarization dispersion. Passive network components. Optical switching: technology and characteristics. Linear and nonlinear propagation effects. Optical sources and detectors. Principles of optical amplifiers and classification. Application of optical amplifiers. Wavelength division multiplexing technology. Nonlinear effects. Four wave mixing. Optical multiplexing and amplification as method of upgrading fiber optic networks. Coherent optical systems. Principles of coherent detection. Noise in coherent optical systems. Optical communication system design.


  1. Optical Propagation in Fiber
  2. Attenuation of Optical Fibers
  3. Waveguide Fibre Dispersion
  4. Optical Amplifiers
  5. Passive Components for Fibre Optic Communications
  6. Active Components for Fibre Optic Communications
  7. Wavelenght Division Multiplexing
  8. Coherent Systems
  9. Fiber system design
  10. Literature
  11. Important physical constants

Targed Grup

Students of electronics and telecommunications at IET PUT, ICT students at EU partner universities and training organisations (both BSc and MSc levels). Part-time students and continuous education students. Engineers and technicians from telecommunications industry participating in vocational courses offered by university and over the Internet.

Course Aims

To provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding of optical communication networks. To prepare students to design, to operate and maintain optical fiber systems and networks.


Basics knowledge of optics, solid state physics and optoelectronics.

System Requirements

Internet access and browser, personal computer, no specialized software is necessary.


Jan lamperski
Poznan University of Technology
Institute of Electronics & telecommunications
Poznan, Poland

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