Code SPROC10
Discipline ELNIC = Electronic
Topic Impedance Adaptation
Part of courses Study of  lines theory
Contents Smith Abacus
Learning time 45 minutes
Keywords impedance


Target group B.Sc. level
Prerequisites theoretical knowledge on Electronics


Property rights Noël Caillère, Jean-Daniel Laisné, Dominique Degrugillier
SW tools requirements JDK 1.4 or higher, Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
HW requirements PC


Ownership ENST Bretagne
Supervisor Noël Caillère
Producers G. Coste, F. Falempin, E. Gerard, A. Lavergne,F. Pean, Benjamin Gaultier, Georges Guerguerian, Gilles Guitton, Faiza Hajji, Adel Jarifi, Emmanuel Wozniak, Alain Morvan, Ivan Koerkel
Source code availability Yes, under CC-GPL


Contact for tech aspects cime*at*
Contact for expert help noel.caillere*at*