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What are the specific aims of the project?

The main and most specific aim of the project is the preparation of new tools exploiting the distance education potential of the Internet in the field of ICT. We intend to design, test, and introduce a coherent set of interactive simulation experiments covering the following areas of ICT (the precise number and titles of the experiments will be listed in the full proposal):

  • TCP IP protocols,
  • multiple access methods,
  • digital transmitters and receivers,
  • ATM networks,
  • broadband networks,
  • digital signal processing,
  • channel equalisation,
  • MLSD algorithms,
  • TCMs,
  • CPMs,
  • simulation methods,
  • image processing and multimedia,
  • digital circuits design,
  • GSM network,
  • telephone traffic
  • simulation, etc.

Each experiment will contain a test, control questions, or problems to solve. The test part is necessary if a given experiment is used in self-training or if it supports a course offered by an educational institution. The project experiments (and courses) will be tested by ICT students at partner universities and by the course participants from industry. IET PUT systematically organises ICT courses for the technical staff of Polish Telecom. ENST Bretagne offers 1-year and 2-year distance learning programmes for students inside the industry; the simulation applications developed in the INVOCOM project will become an essential part of the programmes. Tampere University will use INVOCOM project results in the Finnish Virtual University – a nation-wide activity envisaged to advance network-based learning.

In general, other aims of the project may be listed as follows:

  • to support vocational training in telecommunications at undergraduate and graduate levels,
  • to encourage staff of all the partner universities to develop pedagogic skills adequate to new technological possibilities,
  • to encourage workers to develop their skills and to work out habits to use new technologies,
  • to support small and medium enterprises education needs in the field of ICT.