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Working methods and techniques

The educational materials (tutorials, simulation experiments, multimedia techniques including animation, video samples, graphical techniques, etc.) are expected to be prepared in Java, C++, MATLAB Simulink, HTML, FLASH, PSPICE and similar programming environments. Particular technical solutions for individual topics can be diversified and need not be the same for all partners and for all authors of the educational materials.

The common feature of the project-prepared educational materials is that the materials are offered as interactive web pages. The www will be an architectural framework for accessing the experiments and courses spread out over the partners’ machines via the Internet. Each page will also contain links (pointers) to other related pages. Clicking the links, users will be able to view all prepared lessons, experiments, animations, etc. One of the mechanisms of rapid interaction with web pages is the Java language and interpreter. It will be widely used in the project.

All educational materials are based on the partners’ experience with the traditional university lectures, laboratory courses given for ICT students and professionals working in the communication companies.