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Expected results

Specific results are expected in the course of the project and on its completion.

  1. The development of new approach to teaching telecommunications and, more generally, to teaching ICT technologies. Simulation experiments offered on the Internet enrich the traditional teacher-student relation.
  2. The development of a new method of teaching, based on self-education and recognition of knowledge via the Internet.
  3. The preparation of new education materials for telecommunication students, offered as interactive web-sites on the Internet
  4. The materials developed will be included into regular BSc and MSc telecommunications (ICT) curricula, for both part-time and full-time students at all partner universities. Such availability of courses is especially important for part-time students who have rare and worse contacts with tutors and laboratory equipment at the university.
  5. The developed experiments will be offered (also on commercial basis) to telecommunications engineers and technicians in the frame of vocational courses for enterprises.
  6. Courses focused on various possibilities of exploiting ICT in professional activity will be offered to general public working with new communication technologies.
  7. A variety of web-sites will be offered by the project partners, who are ready to exchange didactic and professional experience via the Internet