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What are the primary target groups concerned?

1. Students of electronics and telecommunications at IET PUT, ICT students at EU partner universities and training organisations (both BSc and MSc levels). Students who work and study (part-time students) have their educational opportunities and quality of studies relatively worse than their full-time colleagues. Internet-based vocational training would be, therefore, an element of creating equal opportunities for both groups of students. Because the part-time students are already doing actively in their professions, further vocational training at academic level is especially justified and useful for them. Experiments developed in the project will be included into regular student courses of all the partner universities. They will also be included into a continuous education offer of all the partner institutions.

2. Engineers and technicians from telecommunications industry participating in vocational courses offered by the project partners over the Internet. The studies of ICT experiments prepared in the project enable them to do their profession in a very competent and competitive way. This complies well with the essence of Leonardo da Vinci programme.

3. Besides, more general target groups may be identified, due to global and extra-territorial character of the Internet: these are ICT students and ICT users, especially engineers and technicians, all over Europe. We would like to emphasise that all the educational materials will be prepared in English and in national languages for the needs of local users.